Animals, Figures and Spaces (ANNULÉ)

Álvaro Marzán

"Animals, figures and spaces" is a pictorial elaboration with philosophical tones about individual and collective emotionality. It´s a research about the archetypes and signs that structure our way of perceiving ourselves, our opposites and the world around us. A call to communicate with our natural and primordial aspect.

The animal becomes a faithful symbol of the subconscious and the instinct. At this level, figures and other elements such as consciousness or identity seem to be confused with each other in order to elaborate more complex meanings, which appeal not so much to our rationality, but to our more emotional and primary side. The beings that inhabit these abstract spaces are loaded with symbolism, express their meanings and relate to each other creating a kind of personal mythology that moves among the epic and the mundane, among the ethereal and the material.

Painting becomes the ideal medium to express the process of thought and action. The act of painting becomes a perfect analogy of human perception. If, while perceiving, we project our individual psyche in the world surrounding us, painting is also a way of projecting the unconscious, which is constantly emptied and reflected into the created images. The color, in this sense, offers its enormous capacity to evoke emotions and communicate on a much more instinctive level than the form. Its free associations, harmonies and disruptions are the fundamental elements of the emotional substrate of every image. Form, color and thought are therefore the elements that sustain the pictorial process.

The result is, in short, a celebration of the immense creative richness that we possess to create our own realities; a joyful recognition of our ability of thought and conscience that is oriented to feel and enjoy the material reality in which it is immersed.

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