Tying Knots

Curated by Kakizi Jemima


Impundu arts
Impundu is a Kinyarwanda word for ‘joyous noise' made by women in Rwandan culturale celebrations. Kakizi Jemima founded Impundu arts in 2022 to celebrate women artists, their art, and their contribution to the societies in which they live.
The project
The inclusion and visibility of women in visual arts are crucial components of a vibrant and diverse artistic landscape. Historically, the art world has seen a gender disparity, with women artists often facing challenges in gaining recognition and representation. Rwanda's first art school, Nyundo School of Art, first admitted women 35 years after its founding.

Importance of Women in Visual Arts
Women bring unique perspectives, experiences, and narratives to the art world, enriching the overall tapestry of artistic expression. The inclusion of diverse voices fosters a more comprehensive understanding of human experiences and challenges existing stereotypes and contributes to the breakdown of traditional gender stereotypes associated with artistic roles. Visibility of women artists challenges preconceived notions and creates a more inclusive environment for artistic expression and empowers women artists to thrive in their careers.
Having more women in the arts not only strengthens individual artists but also contributes to the collective advancement of women in the visual arts and inspires the future generation's visibility and success as visible women artists serve as role models for aspiring artists. Their stories inspire future generations, demonstrating that artistic talent knows no gender boundaries and encouraging young women to pursue and persist in their artistic endeavors.
With a mentorship program and exhibition, this project seeks to actively contribute to the empowerment of Rwandan women in visual arts, fostering an environment where their voices are heard and celebrated, and where mutual support among women artists and other art practitioners is a driving force for positive change in the art world.

The project aims to support emerging artists through two-phase approach, fostering their growth during a three months mentorship and providing a platform for them to express their unique voices in an art exhibition.

Mentorship program for 3 months
During this phase, emerging artists will receive personalized mentorship to navigate and enhance their artistic journey. The focus is on providing guidance, feedback, and resources tailored to each artist's needs, empowering them with tools that will help them work towards realizing their artistic dreams.

Following the mentorship phase, artists will showcase their artworks through a group exhibition. Each artist will explore a subject that deeply resonates with them, creating a diverse and dynamic showcase of emerging talent.
- Curating and preparing the exhibition final concept
- Collaborating with artists to develop and refine their exhibition pieces
- Video of artists talking about their work
- A group exhibition of Rwandan women artists

- A visually compelling and conceptually rich exhibition reflecting the diversity of emerging artists
- Increased visibility for participating artists within the global art community
- Opportunities for artists to get visibility/share their work art with enthusiasts from Luxembourg, collectors, and other industry professionals

Curator statement

As a curator I focus on women artists and I wanted this project to be more than just an exhibition. As a woman artist myself I have also faced lack of visibility. When I started doing art I did not have any Rwandan Woman role model that I could look up to. I understand the importance of representation and support for emerging women artists which I never got a chance to have. I believe in creating supportive networks. ‘RISING' recognizes the power of women supporting each other in the arts, fostering collaborations, mentorship, and a sense of solidarity among emerging women artists not only to strengthen individual artists but also to contribute to the collective advancement of women in the visual arts.

Curator biography
Kakizi Jemima

Akimanizanye Jemima known as per her artist name Kakizi Jemima is a multidisciplinary artist and a curator who was nominated for Forbes Women Africa Social Impact Awards 2023 and featured in the book ‘HER STORY' published by Kvinna till Kvinna highlights the stories of 32 brave and visionary women in Rwanda who have advocated and organized for women's rights throughout history. She started painting in 2013, and her passion for advocacy pushed her into creating and learning through art about different topics with community members of all ages. Over the years, she has explored different topics such as women empowerment, environmental protection and mental health. It didn't take Jemima long to notice a lack of visibility for women in visual arts in Rwanda and she co-founded Rwandan Womxn Artists Collective (R.W.A) with the aim to raise the visibility of women artists and to support each other. This further inspired Jemima to embark on a journey to curating exhibitions under the auspices of Impundu Arts that she founded 2022.
Along this journey, Jemima has not only grown as a person but also as a professional. She has worked on significant projects with institutions such as UNICEF Rwanda, Rwanda Art Museum, Girl Effect, Goethe Institute, Creative Action Institute and the Ministry of Youth in Rwanda. She has attended different exhibitions in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Germany and South Korea to name a few.

The pictures on the website were taken during the ´WALK WITH ME`group exhibition.

In collaboration with the ONG Amitié Am Sand - Amizero.

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In collaboration with the ONG Amitié Am Sand - Amizero.