Jacqueline Theresia Petersen


Jacqueline Theresia Petersen has always been an admirer of art, and has always been artistic, but did not actively pursue to seriously improve her own painting abilities until recently.
The paints helped her to create her vision; it is an expression of moods in a sea of colours. She now prefer to put brush to canvas rather than anything else in the world. She let it completely take over her being, and somehow it transforms into my art. She has learned to succumb to this metamorphosis process and paint daily, giving all of myself, and letting the art take shape. These objects of art she create take elements of my world and then represents itself in shapes and shades of escapism; strokes manifested from the simplest and truest form of emotional interpretation. It is her hope that her work, when displayed and viewed by the public, will allow one to sink into the colours, its textures, to sense the depth of feelings and its unique kinetic qualities.